Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lost in translation

Sometimes on days when there's not much going on, I take some of the images from my online shop and run them through Google to see where they appear. I have been quite amused when they appear on pages in different countries where I can't read the language and have to use Google translate. Either Google needs to work on their technology or there are some people writing some crazy things out there!

One site had one of my cards that looks like a fairy written up like this:

Which translated to this:
These beautiful fairy-tale-like art is made after the flattened with flowers, very funny strange, English has a word called whimsical, is playful meaning, and my new card has the same purpose. These flowers in the bloom, the delicate life by people in this way to continue the joy. How can we not praise the greatness of art?

I get the general tone of the description, but this one I just don't follow:

This one makes sense:

But this one does not:

And sometimes my products make it to sites that leave me scratching my head:

That's all for now. Happy work week!

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