Saturday, December 24, 2016


I love a good domino effect. I started a bullet journal, which led to a productive list of potential wholesale accounts, which led to a new wholesale account, which led to a woman named Doris seeing and purchasing my cards, which led to her calling me to start a new wholesale account with me for her new business, Tincture of Time in Albany, NY.

It's an interesting outcome. I put energy into a place in my business that led to my cards being picked up by an energy business. And the energy I put into my cards when I am making them has been pure joy. Hmmmm. Tincture of Time offers "vibrational support to each individual customer... Products are personalized to each individual for use in this moment in time - for in the next moment, we may be something different."

It sounds a lot like my journey through my artwork, changing and evolving all the time. Simpatico! Check out this cool new business here:

Tell Doris I sent you!

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