Monday, August 8, 2016

Map art

I love maps. I have an entire wall in one room of my home covered in maps of all the places my family and I have been. There's a world map, maps of of city streets, maps of state and national parks. I have framed maps, maps that I made into handmade books, and books of maps. I even had an artist create a custom map-like papercut for me. (The different colors indicate water depth.) It's the body of water where I spent my childhood and most of my life as a young adult.

So when I came across Matt Cusick's map art, I was smitten. If you can't tell, the pictures that he makes are made entirely from little pieces of maps. It looks like he cuts shapes along coastlines to create the jagged lines of some of the areas of the wave. Since my favorites colors are the blues and greens that you see in the ocean, I am drawn to his artwork that features waves and water. And, of course, since this art is made of paper, I think it's the coolest thing.

I would love to see one up close. How magical and creative. Makes me want to get some old maps and make something! To see more, check out his website:

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