Friday, March 4, 2016

The storm before the calm

All of my work is spread out everywhere at Micropolis, the gallery/market where I am having my next show (opening is tonight!), in preparation for hanging the work. I unpacked everything, started arranging pieces to see what would look good together when I realized that they have a hanging wire system and all of my work has hangers with teeth, to be mounted onto a nail, not a wire system.

Quick trip to the hardware store followed by three hours of wiring all of my frames. It made me realize that I never seem to be able ask all of the questions that I need to — and believe me I ask a lot — to prepare for a gallery show. But here are a few to keep in mind so that you can be as prepared as possible no matter how many shows you have had:

Will there be a reception?
If so, who chooses the date and time?
Am I expected to present a Gallery Talk?
Who brings food and beverages, as well as plates, cups and napkins?
What size is the area for food and refreshments?
Will I have to bring my own wine opener?
How will my work be displayed? Walls? On pedestals? On stands?
What kind of display system is it (for walls)?
What do I need to supply and what is available, such as stands, nails, hammer, level, etc.
Will the work remain up for the entire length of the show? Or can a customer purchase and take home at any time?
Do I need to provide extra work to fill in holes after purchases?
Where will the extra be stored?
Who is responsible for contacting customers to pick up work when the show ends?
Is there parking available for loading and unloading? Is anyone available to help?
Will I be responsible for hanging/displaying my show or will I have assistance?
Who handles the publicity and cost for publicity?
What kind of publicity does the gallery do - FaceBook, newspaper, postcards, e-mails?

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