Monday, September 28, 2015

Sewing patterns

Every year, I join other papermakers around the world in participating in a "Swatch Swap." We all make handmade paper that we send into a Swap leader who then takes all the little swatches of handmade paper and puts them together in a book, then sends every participant their own book full of these little goodies. This summer, a friend cleaned out her basement and found tons of old sewing patterns. Of course, all my friends know, when you have any sort of paper that you are thinking of throwing away, you should pass it along to me! I gladly accepted the sewing patterns and threw them in my stack of various papers and scraps.

When I started sifting through my papers to decide what I wanted to make for the swap, the patterns caught my interest because of their texture and the ink on them. I made a batch of paper with them and loved the result: a beautiful crisp sheet of paper with lots of interesting flecks in it. I am glad I made extra sheets to keep for myself and play with! I'll let you know if I make anything really cool!

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