Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A day in the garden

This is the time of year when I shift the majority of my workload from making handmade paper to focusing on my pressed flower art. It's perfect timing. The wedding rush is over, I am always a bit burnt out from a few intense months of winter and 60-hour weeks of making paper. My garden calls to me. I spent a lovely day in the garden yesterday doing some transplanting, weeding, picking and pressing flowers, talking to passers-by and neighbors and enjoying the summer weather. I love June because there are so many gorgeous colors in bloom, like my clematis vine.

I planted some hydrangea for the first time last year. I wasn't sure how they would make it through this crazy cold winter but they are happy and full of blooms.

I love multiples of things, especially clusters of plants. When I look around my garden, it pleases me to no end to see clusters encroaching on other ones. Most gardeners would divide and spread plants out but it gives me a sense of well-being, knowing it took a lot of time for these plants to grow and spread. It means that I have also put down roots since I planted every single one, like what started out as just a few May Apples from my parents' garden:

and the sprigs of Vinca that I took years ago from a family member's house in Cape Cod:

I even appreciate the Bishop's Weed, even though the Queen Anne's Lace look-alike can be horribly aggressive.

Nothing makes me happier than cooking dinner, then hopping outside to grab some fresh herbs from my window boxes.

Today, I am listening to the rain drench the newest addition, some ground cover that I added yesterday in the hopes of one day eliminating a section of grass around my crabapple tree that always looks patchy. Let it rain!

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