Monday, October 20, 2014

A poem is my home

I love writing in verse. I think I first became excited about it when I went through a phase of making and finding letterboxes. (Google it if you have never heard of it - it’s very fun, especially with kids!) I wrote all of the clues for my letterboxes in rhyme and got pretty good at expressing myself that way. When I began my Etsy shop, I wrote a poem to explain how to use my plantable paper products. I recently needed to come up with an artist’s bio for the art I create from pressed flowers, and I decided to do it in verse to make it different and a little more interesting and approachable than the usual bio. This is my first draft, but I think it’s coming along!

-- Artist's statement --
Once upon a time, there was a little girl,
Who loved to spin and cartwheel, dance and twirl.
She played outside among grasses, flowers and leaves,
And next to a pond where snappers spied from the reeds.
Behind her father, she trailed in his gardens bright,
To weed and nurture and cut out the plight.
She learned to grow corn and tomatoes and peas,
But also lilacs and irises - and red balm for the bees.
Decades later, and the garden now yields so much more.
It is inspiration for art, the creation which satisfies to the core.
She hopes you feel the love, joy and passion,
And maybe even admire the fashion,
Of these whimsical, faceless Petal People,
Made from big blooms and leaves to the smallest sepal.
© Martha Starke

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