Saturday, March 29, 2014


I make paper for a living. This means that I stand in front of a vat of paper pulp that splashes and sloshes. So, as you might imagine, I wear sweatpants and old shirts that are stained with a rainbow of different colors of paper that I have made (that might sound a lot better than it actually looks!), and shoes that often have little bits of wet and/or dried paper pulp on them. I have even found bits of paper in my hair after an especially productive day - or worse, some hair in my paper!! Of course, I also have a busy life with errands that take me out into public life. I have my daily post office run, and I may have to run to Staples for business supplies or duck into the market to get groceries while I let things dry between batches of paper back at the studio. What am I trying to say? I look like a total slob. All. The. Time. I could hide most of my stained clothing inside a long winter coat for the last 6 months. But if spring ever finds us, I am going to have to come up with a new plan. Now what did I do with the bleach?

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